American Auto Move offers a variety auto transport services.
Kits for Lamborghini Diablo replica.
Kits & turnkeys for California Spyder replica, “Ferris Buehler” movie car.
The biggest annual kit car event. Carlisle, PA.
Cobra accessories.
Cobra accessories.
Custom builder & restoration of Cobras.

Custom ’33 wide body street rod that your wife will ride in.
The Devin Registry.
Rebody kit of ’49-50 Ford shoebox on late-model Thunderbird, ’57 Chevy for late-model Camaro.
Kits and turnkeys for Cobra replicas, GT40 replicas.
Kits for Lamborghini Countach replica.
Kits of Cobra replica, Type 65 Coupe, GTM supercar, ’33 Hot Rod.

Geoff Hacker and Rick D’Louhy bring back to life dozens of rare and historically interesting cars that most enthusiasts either never knew existed or had written off as extinct.
Classic cars.
Custom crate engines.

The Garage: Classic Car Insurance Talk.
The place for fans of Auburn/Cord/Dusenberg, real and replicas.
Porsche 356 roadster & coupe kits and turnkeys.
Kit and specialty car classified ads on the web.
Heat shielding products & Cobra sidepipe shields.
’39 Studebaker pickup rebody kit & turnkeys for S-10/S-15 pickups. Also custom builder.
Kit for a Jeep conversion.
Custom builder.
Downsized big-rig kit for full size pickups.

MGTD Replica/Kit Car Owners Club.
Specializing in FFR GTM supercars & completing kit cars for customers.

Dedicated to the construction of accurate reproductions using modern engineering and 60's generation Supercars engineered for the ultimate in performance

Reaction Research
GTO replica rebody for Nissan Z-cars.
Cool hot rod rebody kits for Chevy S-10/GMC S-15 SUVs & pickups.
Composites ranging from tubing to custom products, and sleeves, tapes and fabrics.
Kits & turnkeys of Cobra replica, Cheetah roadster replica, hot rods, Jaguar replica plus many

Kit and turnkey for Miata-based MG replica.

Dedicated to building the very best component cars in the industry.  All of the Superlite line of cars are normally original designs, not replicas (for replicas, see our sister company Race Car Replicas at ).
UK kit car website and magazine.
A cool website chronicling the build-up of 3 Rodsters & the 2001
Hot Rod magazine Power Tour.
Kits & turnkeys for Cobra replicas, ’36 Ford cabriolet.

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