Gasoline use

Owning a car is not a privilege like it used to be back in the day. Today it is a must especially if you’re living in the suburbs. Having a car though means having a lot of expenses. Of course, most of the expenses are those for filling up the car with gas, but we shouldn’t underestimate the money spent on maintenance and keeping the car in perfect condition. Every car must undergo a regular change of oil, filters and similar things at least once a year. If the car is used more often than twice a year is highly recommended.

Gasoline use

Gasoline useGas is the number one spender when your car is in question. The American driver spends around 656 gallons each year which is more than $1400 every year. Of course, you can’t do much about cutting on the expenses here if you have no other option. People living in the city core can use public transportation or even walk if it is close enough to do it, but people living in suburbs often need to take the car even to get to the store. If you really want to cut on the gas, you should think of leaving the car for situations that the car is not highly needed. As we already mentioned, going to the story is the first place you should start cutting. Another solution is using public transport which is useful and much more affordable than driving a car.

Of course, different cars spend a different amount of gas. Trucks usually spend the most so if there’s no absolute need for using a truck, you can consider getting a smaller and less gas consuming vehicle. Also, if you’re living in the city or often need to drive in the city’s traffic jam, you know that this empties your tank in light speed. Unlike driving on an open road, a traffic jam requires much more gas consumption. So if you travel around the city it’s always better to take the train or other public transport.

Car maintenance

Another big money spender is the maintenance of the car. Sure, new cars require fewer reparations if not any reparations but it will soon until you need to change the tires, and do other material change. Oil and filter changes are required each year or more often. The rule is that you must change them every 6.000 miles. So it’s a big spender and there’s nothing we can do about it.

We’re talking here about an amount of around $1200 each year that is spent on expendable material. The solution for this is always driving new vehicles. This way you’ll minimize the spending on new parts and deal with mechanics less. Of course, new cars cost more, but if you do the math of selling your old car that needs repairs constantly and spending more for a new car, you’ll realize that buying a new car is less expensive.

Other types of expenses

Some of the other things your car requires and draws money out of your pocket are your car’s hygiene, upgrades of the existing parts, and getting accessories for it.

When it comes to hygiene, the statistics show that the car washing business is worth around $5.8 billion annually. An average American spends around $200 each year for car washers. This amount can be completely brought to zero by a simple solution called washing your car by yourself. First, no one can do a good job as you can, and second, you can use that money for something else. All you need is getting a gas pressure washer for cars. With it, you can do the same work a professional cleaner will do. First clean the interior with a vacuum cleaner, close the doors and use the washer.

The market has a lot of excellent yet very affordable pressure washers for cars. With them you’ll get the job done in minutes, your car will look just the same as you took it to the car cleaners, and you’ll save a lot of money.

If we’re talking about accessories and upgrades, we can say that these are things that consumerism makes you purchase them. You really have no need for those special subwoofers in the trunk and an overpriced baby car seat. A baby car seat only needs to be well secured, so have that in mind before spending $500 for this. Also, a special paint job is really not needed. A car is a machine that is supposed to take you from one place to another. Unless you’re running for a car show competition, don’t spend money on something you really don’t need.