designing your garage

Top supplies you need to have in your garageThe garage is not just a place where you keep and maintain your car. It is a place used for much more things than just this. It is a storage place for things that are not used too often but it is also a place where you keep some of the appliances and tools that don’t feet inside your house. Sometimes, a garage is a place where men like to spend time doing stuff that makes them happy. Just think of Kevin Spacey in the movie American Beauty. He transformed the garage into a mini-gym and spent a lot of time listening to music and working out there.

This is something a lot of Americans like doing too and they are using their garages as a place to hang out with friends or by themselves. Think of it as a place where a simpler version of a man-cave can be created. If you like this idea, read on to find out what you need to make this dream come true and transform your garage into a place where you can escape from the problems and the stress of the reality.


First things first. Garages are always a place where we store everything we don’t really need in the house. Some things can stay there for years without you even remember placing them there. Go through the junk and throw out everything you think it’s not useful. Things that will be left needs to be stored properly so you can free up enough space for your actions later. Along with the rearrangement, make sure you clean-up. Don’t try to make it spotless, just enough to feel comfortable and be healthy.

Get the stuff you like

designing your garageOnce the place is in order and clean enough to continue working, it’s time to make it your own place. Think about what you like the most and what will keep you entertained during the time there. Some people love working on their cars and do some custom works, but others are not so much into that kind of garage things. You might like watching movies or playing video games, so get a TV and a gaming console. Other like to work out, so if you’re one of those people don’t hesitate to build a mini gym with some lifting weight equipment. You might like some hand-crafting or something else. Whatever your passion is, get the equipment inside and find the best place for it.

Get garage heaters

In summer the temperature is not a big deal, but when the winter comes, you’re going to need something to heat up the place. On the market, you can find some excellent garage heaters that will do a tremendous job and make the place a perfect room for spending time and getting out of your boring everyday routine. There are different garage heaters on the market to get the one that fits best for your needs. To choose the best garage heater you should look for the one that will be enough for heating the garage area and will be affordable for you. You’ll notice that there are electric and gas heaters, so make sure you have options for the one you’ll choose. For example, don’t get a garage heater that’s electric and you have no power sockets in your garage. It’s nonsense dragging power cords from the other rooms, right? Instead, get a gas heater. If you have electric in your garage, you can also consider getting an oil filled heater as well!


Burglars get into garages really easy. If you decide to make your garage a place to be your own space where you’ll enjoy, you’ll probably have a TV, laptop, surround system, and other valuable things inside. A regular garage usually has nothing special for people to steal, but if they notice you’re having much more than just a garage, then you’ll surely be a target.


The garage is the perfect place to escape reality from time to time. If you’re passionate about cars and bikes, you don’t need to do much for making it a fun place. However, even if you’re not into engines and wheels, you can still make your garage your getaway man-cave. Just a little effort will be enough as we wrote before. A good clean-up, getting the stuff you like, providing heating for those cold days during the winter is essential. Everything else is your own personal preference.

For instance, choice of flooring, fridge, or even a bar are a part of the many options you have like a garage owner that tends to change it to something cool where you’ll spend time enjoying yourself.